A Letter From a Fan

A Letter From a Fan

I recently received this letter from a fan. There was more but I wanted to share this part with you and your friends. This may be a gift to many of you. However, I’m not responsible if it produces the opposite (lol).

– Bill Cosby



My 97 years old mother has dementia and lives with me 24/7. People with dementia/Alzheimer’s often suffer from “Sundowner’s”, which means late afternoon or early evening, they get depressed and more confused and difficult to deal with.

I’m in my 60s and was cleaning out some closets when I came across two of your albums that I acquired nearly 40 years ago – “I Started Out as a Child” and “Wonderfulness”.

Due to the “sundowner’s’”, mother is difficult to deal with in the late afternoon hours and so one day when she was “acting out”, I put one of your albums on and I cannot tell you what a difference your comedy has made in our lives. I peeked in on her after a few minutes of your routines and she was laughing! Now, you are a part of our everyday routine!

Since she has no memory of hearing the routines, I can play them day after day and they are just as fresh to her as if she’ hearing them for the first time.