Congratulations, I Know You’ll Do Your Best

Congratulations, I Know You’ll Do Your Best

Congratulations to Ashton Eaton

In the 1960’s, during my time at Temple University, I was a track man! I competed in events including javelin, shot put, 100-meter run, broad jump, and others. I love track and field because each person is working toward his or her personal best. I believe there is a sense of camaraderie among track and field athletes, that’s why the person running last is still running hard.

As we prepare to enter the 2012 Olympics, I called to chat with Team USA’s Decathlete, Ashton Easton. In speaking with Mr. Eaton, I found him to be a wonderful young man. I wish him my best, and know that he will do his best in London.

Bill Cosby talks to Ashton Eaton: