Hey, Hey, Hey! It’s Fat Albert… On iTunes!

Hey, Hey, Hey! It’s Fat Albert… On iTunes!


Classic Media, a global media company with a portfolio of some of the world’s leading entertainment brands, today announced the first season of Fat Albert and the Cosby kids™, the popular television series created by and starring Bill Cosby, is available for purchase on the iTunes Store (www.iTunes.com).

Fat Albert and the Cosby kids is one of the longest running favorites of Saturday Morning TV in U.S. history. Following its debut on CBS in 1972, the show ran for twelve years with consistently high ratings, and was re-syndicated in 1989.

Bill Cosby, one of the world’s most beloved comedians and celebrities, developed Fat Albert and the Cosby kids based on his experiences growing up in Philadelphia, with the purpose of showing kids the excitement and challenges of growing up in America, and that if you put your imagination to work, you can achieve anything. Each episode combines entertainment with education to tackle the issues—such as bullying, lying, stealing, self-esteem, peer pressure, among others—that kids face growing up.

“Hopefully people who have never sampled Fat Albert will follow the enthusiasm of positive entertainment of their predecessors,” said Bill Cosby. “The stories are very effective.”

Fat Albert and the Cosby kids can be found under “TV Shows” within both the “Animation” and “Classic” genres. Season 1 (36 episodes) is currently available for $29.99 and each individual episode can be purchased for $1.99.

About Fat Albert
Comin’ at you with music and fun! One of America’s longest running Saturday Morning TV cartoons, Fat Albert and the Cosby kids™ follows the adventures of a group of resourceful and unpredictable city kids growing up in the 1970s. The series features daily life lessons as they’re learned by Fat Albert and his friends, Weird Harold, Rudy, Dumb Donald, Russell, Bucky and Mushmouth. Renowned comedian Bill Cosby created these unforgettable characters based on his own childhood experiences. And if you’re not careful, you may learn something before it’s done!

To view and download key art files from Fat Albert and the Cosby kids, visit http://www.classicmedia.tv/pr/fatalbert/heyheyhey.html

About Classic Media
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